Dog Feeding - Bulldog Pooch Bottle+™
Dog Feeding - Bulldog Pooch Bottle+™

Bulldog Pooch Bottle+™

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Have you ever been out and about with your dog, and wondered how you were going to get them a drink of water?

We have just the solution for you. Our Bulldog Pooch Bottle+™, has a cute little face on the bowl and comes in 2 different colors. Perfect for flat faced dogs, as the bowl is wider. It has a handy carrying strap that can fit on your wrist.

Great when you take your dog to the dog park, out for a walk, camping, or just going for a ride. This way you will always have water handy for your dog.

You never have to worry about your dog becoming dehydrated when you have our handy Bulldog Pooch Bottle+™ with you..

The one key lock system prevents water from leaking. Unlock the lock button then press the dispense button to release water into the bowl. No need to worry about wasting water if your dog doesn't drink it all. Simply press the dispense button as you are holding the bottle upright, and the remaining water will drain back into the bottle. Be sure to press the lock button when you are finished, to prevent spills.

The Doggie Dangers Of Drinking From Puddles And Communal Dog Fountains

Puddles and communal dog fountains may seem like a convenient water source, but they have their dangers! Puddles are a collection of rain runoff. That runoff can bring leptospirosis bacteria and giardia from wild animals. Dogs can contract leptospirosis by drinking from water sources contaminated with urine from infected animals. Leptospirosis causes kidney failure if left untreated. Giardia are microscopic organisms that live in the intestinal tracts of animals. They are highly contagious and usually cause diarrhea. Your dog should not be drinking from puddles or communal dog fountains.

You Care Deeply About Your Dog...

If you've read this far, you're smart enough to see the benefits of having a clean water source available for your dog. Can you think of any reason your dog doesn't deserve a Bulldog Pooch Bottle+™?

  • Material: food grade ABS plastic
  • Hand washing is recommended 
  • One key lock system to prevent leaks
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • 2 colors: black or white
  • 480 ml / 16.2 oz
  • Attachable carrying strap
  • Bowl is 9 cm x 9 cm / 3.5" x 3.5"
  • BPA Free